An introduction to the Salamantex SX1801 Point of sale terminal and its Charry ecosystem

More than 2000 cryptocurrencies are fighting for the top spots on exchanges and people’s crypto wallets, yet only a few are trying to bridge the gap into the mainstream. Surprising really, as cryptocurrencies technology should be ideal for everyday usage in commerce. Mass adoption requires a disruptive effort removing the barriers for normal everyday consumers to use cryptocurrencies.

The SX1801 has been introduced in October 2018 by Salamantex to address that problem. In addition, Salamantex is developing the Charry network and will integrate its maintoken Charry into the Salamantex Payment Software running on all SX1801 devices, offering advanced payment services not yet enabled by traditional blockchains.

With the SX1801 POS terminal, merchants can offer their customers to pay for goods and services using any cryptocurrency they prefer, without the hassle of complicated wallet management, nor the risk arising from price volatility. It is a tailor-made hardware solution to accept and process cryptopayments in the normal retail world. With the help of this device and the Charry Network, being implemented in our running payment system, we anticipate making huge progress towards mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. The SX1801 is indeed the “Easy Way For Crypto Pay“.

The Crypto Payment Terminal offers the following hardware features:

  • a merchant facing 7" display
  • a customer facing 4" display
  • receipt printer
  • 1.5 GHz ARM Cortex-A53
  • 2.4/5 GHz WiFi (802.11a/b/g/n)
  • 3G/4G mobile data connection
  • eSIM — ready for more than 100 markets worldwide, already configured
  • 4.1 GB user storge, expandable through microSD slot
  • IC card slot
  • NFC card reader
  • 4000 mAh LiIon battery for mobile operation

You can use the device either connected to the mains power or using the rechargeable battery.

The SX1801 comes with a built in camera for scanning and in the future will also be able to integrate a KYC process integration.


Security is a vital aspect of payment systems and the SX1801 is no different. By default Android 7 already offers tighter security features and is protected against recent exploits, such as Spectre and Meltdown.

During operation no private keys are stored on the device — it is only used to display relevant information.

Additionally, separate wallets are used for payments and storage, with the user being the only one able to access the storage wallets.

User identification follows the highest standards and is realised via external authentication providers, and of course encrypted using latest technologies such as OAuth2.

Generally, the SX1801 is the gateway to our backend infrastructure, rather than a central controlling element, ensuring high security standards.


As our costomer you don’t have to press a single button in that regard — we took care of everything for you.

Besides using the SX1801 POS Terminal, interested parties can also:

  • use the app on a mobile phone / tablet,
  • run a web app on a PC / Notebook,
  • or implement a software extension (plug-in) for existing POS systems and online shops

The SX1801 and the Salamantex Crypto Payment System are now available in selected countries, for enquiries please contact us.

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